Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yet again, too long since my last post. Too little time, too little art. Way too little sanity. I did do a piece that's a bit of a departure for me; while still sticking with my basic 'I'll use anything" philosophy. Take one typewriter ribbon guide thingy, add a sink strainer, a piece from a metal rular, punch some discs out of an aluminum can and throw some great sparkly crystals into the mix. Let me tell you, those kitchen sink strainers are harder to deconstruct than you might think. I've got 6 different pairs of shears, all of which claim to be heavy duty. Nope. Needed to get out the saw, load in the blade, and saw away to break into the edges. Then the screening is flexible - also makes it difficult to cut or saw. And, of course, I managed to do away with three drill bits - obviously old and dull - trying to get through the typewriter piece. But, it was only a small challenge. The torch did wonders for adding color - you know me, don't do shiny.
Now, having taken apart the typewriter, I still have lots more pieces to use up!