Friday, August 17, 2012

Life gets way to complicated and the technology somehow manages to make life more difficult instead of easier.  My app development company - language learning apps, llc - uses a gmail account.  Gmail logs me out of my personal gmail account to keep me logged into the app account.  Which then means I never get into the blog, or anything else connected with the personal account.
Confused yet?  I am.
And not enough time in the world.  Do I spend time creating?  or blogging? or working?

I did get a small break and have a couple of things on my workbench.  Thank you, Thomas Mann!  The second item was great fun.  The metal pieces were cut out, were painted and printed on paper, then re-assembled after embellishment and mounted on a wood block.  The center piece is a pin that can be taken off the block and worn, then hung back up.  Check out Thomas' newest book!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Well, I've heard about other artists doing a ring a day or earrings a day, and I have sen the books that direct you through a drawing a day, etc.
So, in the spirit of keeping me moving creatively, I've started a head a day. All week I've been great. Made 5 heads. Put two of them into bodies yesterday and today, which got me off the head track. But, it's a start.

Friday, August 26, 2011

back again

Well, it's been a crazy year! Lots of ups and downs. My professional projects have taken loads of time, but my new app has been approved! So, time to do a little art. I have a hard time creating when my work life is too busy. My head won't clear to create. So even though I use my art to keep me sane when I'm working, sometimes that backfires.
I started - and finished two new dolls this week, and added them to the last two smaller dolls I've done. Let's hope I can keep the ball rolling!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Glamour Girls

My two latest dolls are good for some giggles. I made them for a textile show (no word yet if they've been accepted). Martha (as in: martha realized she really needed a new fairy godmother) started life as a wet felted piece I began embellishing. Then, of course, I had to make a piece to match for the back of her dress - months later! She's ready for the ball, but somehow I don't think the prince will dance with her.
Evelyn (unraveled: evelyn knew she was losing more than just her mind) is a needle felted head who grew like topsy. She's somewhat autobiographical. Not sure which of us is falling apart faster...
I am, as always, trying to find time to get back to art. It's been weeks without so much as a glance into my studio.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yet again, too long since my last post. Too little time, too little art. Way too little sanity. I did do a piece that's a bit of a departure for me; while still sticking with my basic 'I'll use anything" philosophy. Take one typewriter ribbon guide thingy, add a sink strainer, a piece from a metal rular, punch some discs out of an aluminum can and throw some great sparkly crystals into the mix. Let me tell you, those kitchen sink strainers are harder to deconstruct than you might think. I've got 6 different pairs of shears, all of which claim to be heavy duty. Nope. Needed to get out the saw, load in the blade, and saw away to break into the edges. Then the screening is flexible - also makes it difficult to cut or saw. And, of course, I managed to do away with three drill bits - obviously old and dull - trying to get through the typewriter piece. But, it was only a small challenge. The torch did wonders for adding color - you know me, don't do shiny.
Now, having taken apart the typewriter, I still have lots more pieces to use up!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

happy birthday, u.s.

For me a holiday weekend means an extra day - or two - away from work and, with a little luck, some time in my studio. Yesterday got to be one of those days. I've been feeling great lately about finishing some of the projects that have been lounging around, building slowly. I'm one of those people who take forever to complete a piece. I start. I think about the logistics. I let it sit on the table. When I can't sleep at night I creep out and look at it some more and think some more. Bits and pieces get moved around. Eventually I finish it and hope I like it.
So here are a couple pieces finished yesterday. I hope you like them, too.
There are actually a couple more. Check them out at
Now, on to two half-finished dolls.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

welcome back

Yes, it's been forever since I had time to post anything. Or, for that matter to make much of anything. Life keeps getting in the way. But I finally had a peaceful week of absolutley placid vacation, followed by a week of total turmoil, and somewhere after that found a day to finish up some of the projects on my design table. Including a couple of things that grew out of a wonderful class with Lindly Haunani. So, I'm feeling at least a little accomplished. Don't have them up for sale on my zhibit site yet, but I'll get there. Soon :)