Saturday, May 30, 2009

dead from deadlines

Well, I did it.  I managed to get the sculptural and jewelry pieces for little and Large exhibit finished on time, photographed, and in.  And I also had some fun carrying the concept to some other pieces.  Now I just have to get those done in time for the gallery delivery and I'm all set.  Dead tired, but all set....
The hardest part was having to come up with the artist statement about the relationship of the pieces.  I always have difficulty with those.  The pieces tend to come together of their own accord.  I don't always have any idea of what they mean.  Just that they happened. (although i still think i need to go back and take some engineering courses).  Planning out the locket was the hardest part.  Starting with a cardboard box meant a lot of consideration of how to make it sturdy enough to hold rivets and hold up over time.  A copper lining did it.
So, here they are.

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