Friday, August 17, 2012

Life gets way to complicated and the technology somehow manages to make life more difficult instead of easier.  My app development company - language learning apps, llc - uses a gmail account.  Gmail logs me out of my personal gmail account to keep me logged into the app account.  Which then means I never get into the blog, or anything else connected with the personal account.
Confused yet?  I am.
And not enough time in the world.  Do I spend time creating?  or blogging? or working?

I did get a small break and have a couple of things on my workbench.  Thank you, Thomas Mann!  The second item was great fun.  The metal pieces were cut out, were painted and printed on paper, then re-assembled after embellishment and mounted on a wood block.  The center piece is a pin that can be taken off the block and worn, then hung back up.  Check out Thomas' newest book!

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