Wednesday, April 22, 2009

publish or perish

The new issue of Art Doll Quarterly came in the mail yesterday.  They did a really nice job with photographing my doll - "grounded."  They shot her nicely, and did a full page of close-ups.  It was nice to see.  You need a 'feel good' kind of day periodically.
Here's one of the pictures Marie shot. She lost her head feather on the way home.  I'll have to fix her.  One more thing on my messy studio desk.

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Kathleen said...

I was really taken by "Grounded" in Art Doll Quarterly. I think her face added a very poignant quality, enhanced by the textural quality.

I have a question re: Art Doll's explanation of fabric use on her face. At first I took it to mean that you used fabric only to lightly texturize her face, and I was going to ask if you left the fabric there while baking.

Then I began to wonder if the fabric was actually permanent.

Would you please clarify that question. Thank you very much.