Sunday, April 19, 2009

been away

Well, it's been too long since I last posted, and with no better excuse than just plain being busy.  Gotta get rid of this day job thing.  But then I suppose I'd also have to get rid of eating and other unimportant bills.
Fabulously enough I have gotten some time for art the past couple of weeks, including a good start (and almost a finish) on my figurative sculpture for the BIG & little show here in San Diego.
And, even more fabulously, Marie Segal came by on Friday with her magic camera and took some great photos.  She's still working on them, but here's one of a necklace I posted a couple of months ago that shows just how much better she is at this than I am.
Thanks, Marie!
Thanks, too, to Cassy for her vote of confidence.


Marie S said...

Thanks Susan, it is easy when the art is good. I had a great time.
They look fahbulas dahling!!!

Cassy said...

One more vote of confidence: love this necklace!