Wednesday, January 21, 2009

reclaiming more

Another "doll" is standing on my work table.  I was so happy with this one, and had enough related ideas that I had to go find more of the antique loom bobbins from which it was made.  Once again, he did not turn out in the least as I had originally planned; but rather became himself as he wanted to be.
Jewelry, of course, does not do that.  It does not have the same personality waiting to express itself.  But the figures have a mind of their own - which is perhaps why I am gravitating more towards them these days.
A trip to the Road to California quilt show last weekend inspired me to go through my stash of fabrics looking for the next design.  A trip to the alpaca farm on Monday afternoon added fuel to the fire.  My car trunk is stuffed with wonderfully soft young alpaca fibers, and plenty of roving.Time to get the sketchbook out.

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