Sunday, July 12, 2009


We all get our inspiration from different sources. Some artists get it from nature walks. Others from looking at other types of art work. Some get inspiration from emotional events in their lives. I frequently get my inspiration from.... yard sales!
Yep. I was driving home from the local nursery, scrunched into my car with 6 flats of ground cover and two trees. All in my 2-door convertible. The guy at the nursery swore I wasn't going to be able to even get into the car to drive home. Little did he know my penchant for putting down the top and throwing all sorts of things into the back.
Anyway, I was driving home thus and passed a neighbor's yard sale. A there, before me, stood two great looking mini-coffee makers. Well, having gotten into the car once, I was not about to try to get out and back in again. So I pulled into my drive and unloaded. Then my hubby vacuumed all the potting soil out of my car. Then I walked over to the yard sale.
And didn't see the pots!! Aaahhhhh.
Well, turns out she had started putting things under cover in the hot sun. There were these two perfect espresso maker pots - perfect for doll bodies!
Ah, sweet inspiration!
I'm not such a basket case after all. (see photo) LOL

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