Sunday, July 5, 2009

spring cleaning

well, i may not have made any art this weekend, but i sure did get a lot of cleaning done.
the whole trouble with the "pull everything out and see what works together" method of creating is that once you pull things out, they have to go back in.
i've been so busy having fun creating lately, that i knew i'd have to pay for it eventually.
this weekend was that eventuality.
i even had a whole extra bag of stuff from my shopping trip to the architectural salvage store.
but i'm happier now that i can actually find (some) things. i even did some of my own salvaging and resurrected the beginnings of a vessel i started at least a year ago by planting some hill tribe flower beads in it.
and i got to pull out my design board, tack up some fabric i made months ago, and start to think about my next project.

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