Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bottles of hope, revisited

I received an email from Lisa Pavelka the other day, congratulating me on being a finalist in the Staedtler BOH challenge.  So, look below to the prior post that pictured the bottles - my charming, hopeful little old men - to see them.  
I spent some time with Elise Winters yesterday, as well as Seth Savarick, talking about polymer clay, its history and the explosion of the field.  It was renewing to see Elise's work and get my creative juices flowing again.
Have to start thinking about some new things to do.  Yet again, so many ideas, too little time.

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Lisa West said...

Hi there. I also was involved with this yrs Bottles of Hope. Does Elise have a web site or blog? I would love to see the work you refer to. Congrats on also being one of the 25 finalists. Lisa