Friday, January 2, 2009

wet feet

I find it interesting the different mind sets of different media. In metal work, I wouldn't think of using glue to hold pieces together - it's just not done. Cold connections are a great and varied solution for those who don't solder, and I've also recently tried some silver fusing. In clay, we try to keep the joins clay to clay, as glue can be tricky and unreliable, but we do use it. In mixed media pieces, however, it is sometimes unavoidable. I know Keith LoBue doesn't use glue in his pieces; prefering a variety of soldered and cold connected solutions, and he goes to great and wonderful lengths to create those connections for pieces. He also uses some caulking when desperate.
But I do sometimes resort to glue. Then there is the inevitable waiting for the glue to dry. It's so rare that I get large uninterrupted period in which to work. It;s frustrating to spend them watching glue dry.
I discovered some very old dried out two part epoxy yesterday, which meant having to use a slower glue. I've been trying to do my gluing for this piece at night, so I can work in the mornings. Bit by bit, it's coming along.

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