Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year, new thoughts

New Year's Day was a combination of cleaning out the old and creating the new. And of course, with me, the two frequently overlap. I've got two new dolls just about finished, pieced together from the old. (pictures, soon)
My studio overflows; there is never enough room as I keep adding stuff with abandon. But, in a small attempt for balance, I spent part of the day cleaning out the garage - and not even spiriting any of it into the studio to be saved. Old client files for the shredder, lots of boxes and papers for the recycle bin, plenty of things for Goodwill or some other charity. And I have a list of things for the Freecycle list, but NONE of it coming back in the house.
And so, one old loom bobbin, a bud vase, a cookie tin, a coffee carrafe, and two paintbrushes later a couple of dolls I'm kinda pleased with.
Happy New Year, all.

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