Wednesday, October 22, 2008

fill me up with creativity

The first project in Susan's class was forming a vessel shape. She is very into forming shapes and negative shapes and thinking about the relationships. So she had us start with this neat conical vessel shape. Of course, everyone's turned out differently. I had some fun with patina (which doesn't show in the photo so well), and added an old polymer bead I happened to have with me. I'm not too happy with the tassel - I had a fine Artistic wire, but not a silver I could hit with the liver of sulfur, so it's too bright. I'll have to change it now that I'm back to my whole studio.
It was interesting working with only a limited supply of "stuff." I had a bead box with some odds and ends of beads, found objects, and Susan and Linda had a stash for us to use, but while it was nice not to be overwhelmed with wanting to look through everything I owned for just the right item, it was also frustrating knowing I had exactly what I'd want back at home. But, you do push your creativity when you're forced to limited choices.

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