Friday, October 31, 2008

i have a good shape - round is a good shape

My fellow polymer artist and talented sculptor, Dawn Schiller, sent out a picture of her newest witch. She was very shapely; round in all places, which elicited not a few comments from her colleagues. I said I was reminded of myself; Dawn quipped that, indeed, round is a nice shape.
I tend to use a lot of female forms in my jewelry and fiber art work, and my females are always rounded and well endowed (look back to my post and photo from the SLK workshop in Seattle).
So, for today's post, I dug out a (partial) photo of a piece I did last year - entitled "women of a certain age"
It's not necessarily a pretty picture, the lumpy roundness so many of us seem to find ourselves in, but it is real and it is us. So, rejoice and be comfortable.
Later this weekend, I promise to take pictures of the results of today's labor in my studio. So, stay tuned.

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