Tuesday, October 21, 2008

leave a woman hanging....

I had a fabulous time in Seattle with Susan Lenart Kazmer a week ago. Lots of creativity, lots of polishing up techniques, lots of good food. We played with forming, enameling, riveting, pouring resin, connecting, dangling, and more.
Since I find myself using female forms and faces in so much of my work (even the jewelry, not just the doll making) I made a pendant that incorporated much of what we covered.
After cutting out the piece, I formed the shapes of her, added a resin face (molded from a polymer face I had sculpted) in her womb (using tube rivets and a rusty washer), a piece of ancient Roman glass Susan and Linda had brought, a piece of torch fired enamel with which I had experimented, some found objects and flowing silver wire and copper mesh hair. Lots of fun. It's a theme I want to explore more, and I already have plans for more pieces - perhaps a bit smaller.
As to the food, we ate out well at night. I hobbled to the Pink Door one night, and had nowhere to put my cane. Thankfully, a helpful young fellow helped out. One of my classmates took a pix.
Hope he brings a smile to some faces.

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Oddfae said...

Ack! I'm jealous. Love the pendant!!